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Jan 06, 2013

We are pleased to announce that early this afternoon, Kendall delivered our first child! Our daughter Hallie Elizabeth Adams was born into the world at 12:14 PM EST. She is being monitored for some kidney issues we already knew about from prenatal ultrasounds but otherwise is healthy and doing very well, measuring 19.5" and weighing in at a healthy 7 lbs.

Last night was a LONG night so we'll keep this short but please know that our family thanks you for all your prayers and support.


Rachel Luxemburg

Rachel Luxemburg wrote on 01/06/138:45 PM

Congrats to all! :)

Melanie wrote on 01/06/1310:14 PM

So awesome!!! Congrats Kendall & Josh! Such a beautiful baby girl, too!
Pam Elmore

Pam Elmore wrote on 01/06/1311:59 PM

Congratulations and God's blessings to all of you! Get some rest and enjoy this happy occasion.

Pam wrote on 01/07/1312:01 AM

Congratulations and God's blessings to all of you!
Debbie Bell

Debbie Bell wrote on 01/07/139:46 AM

Congratulations, you guys don't know me but I am in your Mom and Dad's Life group. We are praying for ALL 3 of you at this exciting time in your life and especially for Baby Hallie. NOW, you will know how much your parents love you. Did you ever think you could love something so much so quick?? One day old! What a great gift you have been given. We are so happy for you.
Adam Lehman

Adam Lehman wrote on 01/07/132:33 PM

Zach and Kristen

Zach and Kristen wrote on 01/07/134:35 PM

Congrats Josh and Kendall! She's a beauty. I second what Debbie Bell wrote--the love for your child is just overwhelming! We are very happy for you both.
Becky Reynolds

Becky Reynolds wrote on 01/07/135:32 PM

Kendall and Josh,
I am so happy and proud for you both and Hallie Elizabeth! Wishing you God's blessing in your life - it is an amazing journey! Love you three!
L & K, Becky
Jana Kato

Jana Kato wrote on 01/07/138:52 PM

Congratulations Kendall and Josh! She is perfect!
Jonathan Gordon

Jonathan Gordon wrote on 01/07/1311:04 PM

Congratulations for bringing such a wonderful little girl into this world. I pray that she grows up to be as wonderful as the both of you are!
James Zenyuh

James Zenyuh wrote on 01/10/139:00 AM

Great news! My best wishes to Josh, Kendall, and Hallie.

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