He proposed!

Aug 14, 2010

For most of July, Josh and I had either both been out of town, or one of us was out of town on the weekends, so when he said casually asked if we had anything going on Saturday (August 14th), I was excited to take him up on his idea to plan us a surprise date. The possibility of engagement may seem obvious by the term 'surprise date,' but we occasionally like to plan 'surprise dates' for each other, and I had even wanted to plan him one that day.  He beat me to it though, so I figured I'd get him on another weekend.  Josh is good like that. The plan was to meet at his house at 10 am on Saturday, where we would start with our run, then off to our day together.  Josh, whom I'm convinced is slightly nocturnal, hadn't slept much that week and had things to catch up on, so I even suggested the night before that he could just spend a couple of hours after our run finishing up things he needed to do before we spent the rest of the day together if that would be best.  He had a Birthday invitation to finish, and when I asked him if he wanted to go ahead and work on it, he casually said 'Nah, I want us to just get to spend the day together.'  So, we did.

He'd told me what to pack, and I was convinced we were going to White Water. And I was excited.  But then, the forecast turned ugly and we decided to go for 'Plan B' which he said he had been wanting to do anyway.  I pondered away what this could possibly be; I was told to bring a change of clothes for dinner, something very casual, and to bring a swim suit since I might want it.  I had hung a dress on the molding above his closet while we ran, and I noticed Josh trying to match a shirt to my dress, but I quickly just dismissed this to this being Josh: Josh matches his socks to his pants, of course he'd try to match if my dress was just hanging up next to all of his shirts.  So, we packed our bags in the car and got on our way, well, almost.

We turned around and went home twice.  We forgot an umbrella the first time, and a cd the second time.  They say third time's a charm =)  Some may assume I'd notice something peculiar at this point, but I'd convinced myself that there was no possible way we'd be getting engaged that day.  We were, after all, executing "Plan B" due to poor weather, Josh's parents had family friends visiting for the weekend, his sister Ashley was out of town with girlfriends, my parents had dinner plans with friends, and well, according to me, that meant there was no chance.  We just wanted to have a day together. So, I just decided that our two trips back to the house were simple 'part of the day's adventure.'  We went to a fantastic place for brunch called The Red Hen, and then we were on our way.

We kept driving, and driving...and driving...but I knew Josh had a plan (he always does), and I secretly hoped it was to a spa.  And I was right!  But before that, we made our turn off of 400 and I realized we were going to Dahlonega.   Then, Josh commented that we had been there exactly 6 months to the day ago on Valentine's Day.  I thought that was a great observation, and merely a fun coincidence. One great thing about Josh is that he notices details.  I was still trying to figure out where we were going, and trying not to get my hopes up too high for a spa.  And then we pulled into Littlefield Cottage Healing Arts and Day Spa, and yes, I was elated.  

About two hours later after the most fantastic massages, we were dressed up in our dinner clothes and roaming around the Square.  The sun had popped out, and I'd assumed we must just be killing time window shopping until we went to dinner, so dragged Josh in every nicknack and candle shop on the Square. Josh was so patient as I wandered in and around the stores.  When we were in the toy store (yep, we even made it there!), Josh announced that he had to go to the bathroom, and that he knew of one to go to all the way on the other side of the Square.  I suggested we could ask if the store had one, but he wanted to go to the one on the other side of the Square. I thought that sounded great, since we would pass our favorite spot. Our favorite spot was right outside Dahlonega General Store, where in the middle of the snow, Josh had first told me that he loved me and kissed me.  I figured we could at least comment on what a great spot it was as we passed it on the way to the bathroom.  But, there was this guy sitting there as we passed it, so we just kept walking and only glanced over at him, and I had kind of wished that the guy hadn't been sitting there.

Josh took forever in the bathroom.  But I didn't ask questions. =)  We made our way out again, started to pass our "spot" when we discovered that no one was there and that was when we sat down.  Josh almost immediately started saying sweet things to me, (but this is what Josh does, so it wasn't even out of character!) and I acknowledged them as we talked, just trying to enjoy the moment. I saw someone taking pictures for a second, but Josh quickly swooped my attention and kissed me (and that worked very well!), only to ask me if I remembered the second time we went out when he asked me afterwards when he could see me again.  I said I of course remembered that, and then he reminded me again how it was the second time we were there, and then he said '..but this time I have a different question." Oh reeeallly?, I thought.  Then it clicked. I think my heart starting beating 1,000 times a minute, because the next thing I knew, he was down on his knee proposing!  I was in total shock. For a long time.  All I can remember was this combination of telling myself to embrace the moment, complete shock, and WOW is that real?"  According to bystanders, I asked Josh a few times if he was serious, and then said "Yes, of course I'll marry you!" I can honestly say that saying yes to Josh was the easiest decision of my entire life.  So then Matt, the person I'd thought was some international tourist taking photos, came out and introduced himself, told me he'd taken a few hundred photos, and I was still in shock and loving every minute. I refused to move out of our "spot" for probably a good fifteen minutes.  

The next best part was that we walked down to The Smith House and as we went downstairs, both of our families surprised me with a beautifully decorated table, and a fantastic Southern dinner. It could not have been any more fun, and I was so excited that I only picked at my food.  I never pick at my favorite Southern food, but I did then.  I'm so incredibly grateful that Josh is in my life--He is far better than what I ever prayed for, and I cannot wait to be his wife. God is so good!


Katherine Bell

Katherine Bell wrote on 08/24/108:51 PM


What an awesome story! He's a keeper:-) I'm so happy for you!
Mark Cameron

Mark Cameron wrote on 09/18/101:10 PM

Ok I am in tears! Josh is like my brother and I am so happy for you both! You will make such a great couple. Sounds to me like you both were just made for each other, "a match made in heaven" Congrats!
Kendall & Josh

Kendall & Josh wrote on 08/17/127:25 PM

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